NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programme helps golfer be on top of their game for many years. It does cater psychology aspect of the golfer as well and not just for the game.


leadership in NLP action

However, the general manager of The North Berwick Golf Club in the United Kingdom, Elaine McBride believes the golf industry as a whole will be benefited from adopting an NLP approach to staff training.

She has introduced the NLP to be part of the management team’s training and it came out being so transformative and urges other golf clubs to consider a similar approach.

She says “I am not aware that NLP training is being used widely in the golf industry and I think there is a gap in the industry for this type of training.

It is very common in the public and private sectors and has been for many years. It would be good for the golf industry to ‘catch up’ with other industries.”


The challenge is real when she first initiated the approach for management training. In the past, conventional training courses have typically been completed and none of the staff has been exposed to NLP training.

Therefore, many of them were a little skeptical about it.

Then, it turns out that Elaine has gotten the room for improvement in her managerial style by making the team feel involved by leading and empowering them.

And it does makes her realized that she was too focused on managing, making a decision and telling them what to do.

On the other hand, the staff’s personal life and work in the teams’ environment are things that the team members had taken away from the NLP training.

Elaine encourages other golf clubs to consider a similar NLP-led approach to training; something she believes would benefit clubs and the golf industry as a whole. – Lea Professional