The world is moving so fast as digital technology has enhanced human capabilities.

To get the job done from afar, make payments at your fingertips and get the latest updates on what is happening around us.

And that is the challenge facing by many companies in the world.




They are looking for digital technology experts especially those who have specialization in handling digital marketing activities.

In spite of this, not that we deny the traditional marketer expertise since it takes two to tango.

The only part that makes a difference is an approach that both field practicing to achieved the companies or organization goals.

Thus, the job industry needs have now focused on the digital area which to assist the organization in achieving its goals.

The demand is higher and however, the supply of these skills is lower, hence, there is a supply and demands lop hole on that.

In assisting this problem, the education ecosystem has to evolve side by side with the current industrial revolution.

And that is what happening right now when we could see there are lots of digital learning that has been introduced especially digital marketing courses.




One of the hottest courses in the digital learning market is Certified Digital Marketing Professional. Which is the syllabus was validated by the Industry Advisory Council that the members are consist of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft, IBM and just to name a few.

Such courses have appeared to be so important as the working industry has realized digital capabilities to reach the customer or the prospect is so much easier than before.

Thus, it has widened up the ability to have a multi-way communication and engagement with your customer.

Before, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are only for those who want to get connected with their loved ones, friends, and families.

But now, the company would be able to connect not only with the customer but also with their partners and other organizations.

So what are you waiting for? This is the time to leverage the free access digital platform that we have and expand your capacity, gain knowledge and upskills. – Lea Professional