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If you have been selling the same way and found that the technique is no longer effective, it is a sign that you need to move on from the ‘cookie cutter’ style of selling. According to a statistic, 80% of sales professionals will stick to the same way of selling but expect different result. Sales
game is changing and its predicted that more changes will take into shape in 2019 as factors such as taste, preferences, demographics, buying power, etc are shifting. Sellers will have to strive harder to retain customers and find new ones. Customers preference are changing, middle class are
increasing in Asia to 66% percent by 2019, 20 million of Malaysians own smart phones, by 2020 60% of the workforce will be of millennial and Gen Z. All these statistics are showing us that the game is changing for sales professionals as the landscape of the market is evolving into a different

Today’s customers don’t want products; they demand solutions, and solutions don’t come in a box. They must be designed, fashioned to meet the customer’s specific needs. Making such sales takes a lot more than personal charisma. Today’s selling is system selling, solution selling, consultative selling; it entails analyzing customer needs, designing alternative solutions, scrutinizing costs, developing and implementing systems, and more.


This two days’ workshop is particularly important in salesmanship because more than 70 percent of salespeople have direct contact with customers. They are responsible for helping customers satisfy their needs and resolve their problems. This course will show you what are the proven and effective selling techniques that will work well with the current marketplace and what are the outdated techniques that needed replacement. Expect to bring back tools and techniques that will improve your sales revenue.


By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to :

  • Find out what are the new shifts in selling techniques
  • Determine the new vs. outdated trends in marketplace
  • Improve customer rapport building techniques for better customer relationships
  • Find out how your customer makes decision
  • Learn the common mistakes made in selling and how to avoid them


Challenge Of Marketers In The New Paradigm
  • Personal Development of Self – Smile Campaign, Body Language etc.
  • Customers Expectations
  • Difference between Sales and Marketing
  • Evolution of sales and marketing has enabled marketing strategies change and focus on the new perspectives.
  • The principles of marketing are to share in this module to alert participants that new waves of marketing is needed in designing their marketing strategy.
  • Technology used in today’s marketing, CRM software to monitor sales conversion.
  • Activities, Leadership Games, Video, Personal Sharing & Presentations
The Hearts Connects – The First Meeting
  • Both verbal and nonverbal skills play an important role during the first meeting.
  • Participants would learn the key principles to serve their clients with the heart during the first meeting.
  • Activities, Leadership Games, Personal Sharing & Presentations
Relationship Selling – The Need To Understand Buyer
  • The new wave of marketing strategies is to understand your clients and the process of doing this is building rapport with your clients.
  • Participants will learn in this session the need to build low relationship with clients to sustain a long-term business plan.
  • Activities, Leadership Games, Video, Personal Sharing & Presentations
Handling Rejection – The Secret To Sales Success
  • Rejection is no more seen as a process to failure but a learning tactic in improvising your approach in marketing.
  • Marketing personnel must equip themselves with the mindset that rejection is part of the game plan in marketing strategies.
  • Participants will learn in this session on how to convert each rejection into something positive for the betterment of their sales quest.
  • Activities, Leadership Games, Video, Personal Sharing & Presentations
Follow Up With Customers
  • It is important to follow up with the clients after each sales presentation.
  • In this module, the candidate would be trained on various strategies how to follow up with their clients.
  • Participants learn common mistakes that most sales and marketers encounter during conducting sales follow up process.
  • Activities, Leadership Games, Video, Personal Sharing & Presentations
Marketing Tool: Emotional Factor To Win Over The Customers
  • Participants learn various strategies using emotional factor to win the customer over.
  • Preparing an effective and powerful marketing tool helps to reach out to the heart is very important. Both cognitive, attitude and sales counseling methods are applied as effective sales techniques.
  • Activities, Leadership Games, Video, Personal Sharing & Presentations
Using Added Value And Unique Selling Point (Usp) In Achieving Sales
  • The objective of this session is to enable participants to understand the importance of identifying added value schemes in the current marketing plans of each company to capture a better segment market as well as to give more added values for the buyer.
  • This is essential as clients are always looking for extra in today’s business world.
  • Activities, Leadership Games, Personal Sharing & Presentations
Neuromarketing – How People Make Decisions
  • Today, neuromarketing is getting increased attention from companies who want to understand the science behind how people make decisions.
  • The study of neuromarketing proves that prospects are still human.
  • Your target buyers make decisions to change and buy based on emotion while justifying with facts.
  • How do you use this information about neuromarketing to improve the way you sell?
  • In addition, various marketing channels are shared in this module.
  •  Activities, Leadership Games, Video, Personal Sharing & Presentations
Serving With Heart And Soul
  • Attitudes determine the success of marketers
  • Participants would share the role of sales and marketer and the way how they serve the market and community
  • Activities, Leadership Games, Personal Sharing & Presentations
Case Studies
  • Case studies on real cases and scenarios on Sales and how to resolve them effectively bearing in mind that you are Ambassador of your company.
  •  Group presentations
Self Reflection

A worksheet activity: The objective is to assess the participant’s evaluation on themselves. An excellent exercise to gauge their personal improvement towards their respective duties at work.

Personal Action Plan
  • Instructions on developing a Personal Action Plan
  • Benefits of an Effective Sales and Customer Service Initiative

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