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Discover the core skills of NLP introduced through interactive experience that can be applied in the context of your life, overall NLP Techniques have a huge place in developing relationship that develop the mindset of the people’s personal and professional life through practical, powerful and effective life changing skills which enable them to build rapport with other individuals and groups.

This 2-day NLP workshop which was designed using proven NLP techniques can be practiced by anyone to improve their effectiveness to the level of excellence. The content is based on the principles of modeling excellence from exceptional peak performers and within the context of relationship, communication and dealing with individuals positively and effectively.


By the end of the course, participants will have been provided with the skills to enable them to:

  • Build and maintain their self-confidence in all situations
  • Establish a rapport with everyone they interact with.
  • Discover additional ways in which they can influence and persuade others to their advantage.
  • Enhance and elevate their communication skills.
  • Discover new ways to solve conflict, problems and challenging situations



This program is intended for participants to,

  • Establish clearer thinking process.
  • Connect their roles to that of their organization
  • Knowing what they want with certainty and how to get it
  • Influence behaviors in a positive and constructive ways
  • Ability to create positive results in any given situations
  • Rapidly and easily establish rapport with others
  • Adjust and refine goals and take control of every area of their life


Background And Development of NLP
  • Context Setting
  • Introduction to NLP
  • Brief history of NLP
  • Ownership
Your Mindset
  • The function of Neuro
  • Conscious and subconscious mind
  • Programming that doesn’t serve me
  • Serving thought—Desire State
Mindset of Excellence
  • NLP presuppositions
  • NLP Thinking Model
  • Filters GDD
  • State of Mind
NLP Modalities
  • Representational Systems Introduction
  • Representational Systems Assessment
  • Calibration
NLP in Communication
  • Communication Modal
  • Components of communication
  • Recognize and speak other’s language
  • Read and respond to eye accessing cues
  • Strategies in building Rapport
  • Rapport Building Tools
Mind Your Thought
  • Thought become words
  • The power of language
  • Listening to others ‘filters’ means?
  • NLP distinction
  • Ways to ELIMINATE misunderstanding
From here to there
  • The NLP Four Steps to Success Model
  • Mind Audit
  • 4 Mind Action Thought Framework
  • Principles of an achievable outcome

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