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In a challenging economy where negotiation skills are practice by most managers, be it face-to-face or over the telephone and with external organizations or internally with colleagues.

How do you negotiate to get what you want without losing too much of what you have?

Beyond the world of buying and selling, managers use negotiation skills for a variety of reasons; project deadlines, human resource allocations, service delivery specifications, improved support, or increased budget allocation.

Some people sell themselves more effectively than others because they equip themselves with the art of negotiation and apply a Mindset that generates positive attitudes leading to successful negotiations.

This 2-day program is aimed at sharpening people’s skills in Influencing Power necessary to achieve winning outcome in Negotiation.

Emphasis will be placed on the influencing skills using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) principles and techniques which anyone can learn and develop to achieve powerful negotiation.


By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to :

  • Think of strategies to achieve desired outcome
  • Apply Conscious Communication & Listening
  • Pace Sensory Language to Build Rapport
  • Apply resourceful language patterns
  • Pacing & leading to successful conclusion


  • Develop an understanding of Powerful Communication in negotiation.
  • Effectively Built Rapport with clients.
  • Explore the inner factor that influences negotiation.
  • Understand thought processes and preferences that support clients buying strategies.
  • Use Effective and advanced questioning techniques and Discover hidden buying pattern.
  • The Use of Language to Gain Influence.
  • Develop your own successful negotiation style with key behavioral elements.
  • Employ different tactics in situational negotiations


  • Context setting
  • Definition of negotiation
  • The fundamentals of negotiation
  • Negotiation checklist
Self Limiting Belief
  • Explore Your Beliefs & Attitude
  • Explore Possibilities of getting what you want.
Effective Negotiation
  • The importance of effective Negotiation Skills
  • Determine your styles in negotiation
Brief Introduction of NLP
  • The study of human excellence
  • NLP thinking & communication Model
Successful Communication in Negotiation
  • Communication
  • Physiology, Tonality and Words
  • Building credibility
  • The 4 Communication Quadrants
  • The fundamentals of negotiation
  • Negotiation checklist
Probe and Question with Precision
  • Identify Needs
  • Assess positions and determine values
  • Questions that clarify meaning
  • Active Listening Skills
Building Rapport
  • Strategies in building Rapport
  • Communicate with greater influence
  • Recognise and speak other’s language
  • Read and respond to eye accessing cues.
A Win Win Negotation
  • Developing your style towards effective relationship building
  • Perception
  • Discover win-win characteristic
Steps in Successful Negotiation
  • The Negotiation Steps
  • Apply Embedded Commands
  • Suggestive Language Pattern
  • Reframe words to your advantage

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